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Can’t I Just Lop Off A Limb?

Thursday, December 22nd, 2005

Quote of the Day: “The only thing that sucks worse than being me is being you.”


I’ve straying away from my usual mode of trying to catch up on blogs and will just pass along the most interesting story that happened and then call it good. I will be doing this in several posts but they won’t necessarily correspond to the date the things happened.

When I last left you, I was a couple of days into suffering. I had to lose a lot of weight in 11 days and was doing two-a-days along with minimal eating. I stated that it sucked and folks, that don’t cover the half of it.

After driving all the way from Virginia to Memphis, I had suffered through watching the family eat fast food as I munched on salad. When we got there, it was around freezing and I climbed into my running gear. After driving all day, I set out at about 9:00 PM into the dark along a highway to run for my allotted hour. I had to dodge cars and frostbite but I got back, not too happy, to munch on a salad and get some sleep.

When I awoke the next day, I climbed back into the running outfit and repeated the route in the morning but this time it was light. Sunrise to be exact. And still freezing.

The next day, we got to my Mom’s house in Oklahoma and I had to run in the dark again after driving all day. It still bit but at least it was novel to run around a lake. I also had to break it to my mother that her skinny little baby was over his max weight and had to work out twice a day in addition to almost total starvation to make the cut. She took it well and it was better than feigning disinterest in her cooking.

For the next few days, I maintained my exercise/starvation routine until I started getting large blisters on the insoles of both feet. I had to put a big patch of mole skin on them and grind my teeth at the pain.

I was kind of scared of four things:

1. I would not lose all the weight
2. I would injure myself and could not do any more running
3. I was not eating enough to maintain the strength to work out
4. I would be so weak at the end of all this that I would bolo the PFT.

Free Advice for Today: “Do something every day that maintains your good health.”

- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.