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They Found Me

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Quote of the Day: “Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable.”

- H. L. Mencken

Today I kept running into people.

First, there was SSGT Tallman who was the Drill Instructor for Carrie’s platoon during the Jane Wayne Day last year.

I also ran into him back in April at an appreciation dinner.

I like this guy and thought he did an incredible job that day last year. It all respects, he was a perfect representation of a DI and played his role to a tee. It’s still strange to talk to him when he is “normal” and realize the difference from the every day Marine, father, husband…and the rabid, veiny-necked DI screaming and creating an environment of stress.

He told me that he is getting moved to Pendleton and will likely deploy soon. He is a husband and a father so in that respect, I felt for his family but he is also a Marine and one that’s coming off DI duty.

Watch out, Iraq.

At lunch, I was wandering around the Depot and ran into two civilians that I worked with when I was back in Virginia. I had been the project manager for the TECOM Integrated Management System (TIMS) and now it’s called “MCTIMS.”

The two civilians work for the contractors that keep the system running for the Marine Corps and were out here to teach some classes. It had been over a year since I saw them and we played catch-up with who was still working there, who got fired, and the changes in the system.

In the end, it was good to catch up but it only reinforced my happiness that I’m not there anymore.

The whole “getting fired” and “quitting” thing is strange to me because being a Marine so long, that doesn’t really happen. We get moved, restationed, and yes, sometime relieved but we can’t just say “eff this, I quit” and you don’t get called into the bosses office and let go. You just have to deal with the sub-performers until the Marine Corps decides they should move you or him.

In the afternoon, I met up with Jeanie and visited the on-base Starbucks for the first time. She was out here to see her some come home from deployment and swung by the Depot to have some coffee with me.

(This is actually Jeanie and Alex. Didn’t want you people to get confused…)

It was strange to be in a Starbucks on the Depot. Yes, it’s slow. Yes, it’s expensive. But it IS a Starbucks after all so all was good.

And great company too.

Free Advice for Today: “Save an evening a week just for you and your wife.”

- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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