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Monday, February 25th, 2008

Quote of the Day: “As you journey through life take a minute every now and then to give a thought for the other fellow. He could be plotting something.”

- Hagar the Horrible

Have you ever dreaded a conversation with your boss and you somewhat avoid it because you know it’s going to be confrontational (of which, you’ll lose), only to find out that it’s not a big deal and nothing really comes of it?

That was today.

All day

Then by the time I got into to see him, it was a couple minute conversation that was innocuous.

In other news, my son is sick. After a week off last week, Carrie kind of inquired about the legitimacy but he stuck to his guns. Turns out he’s getting a big healthy unhealthy dose of what Carrie and Steph had last week.

So far, I’m good. Even cranked out a 7-mile run today and it didn’t feel bad at all.

I will end this terribly boring blog but I know tonight’s sleep will be a total crap-fest. I have an inspection from a team from Headquarters Marine Corps tomorrow.

I don’t have a good feeling about this one…

Free Advice for Today: “Keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen and car.”

- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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