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Job Searching, Paper-Filing, and Buster-Worrying

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Quote of the Day: “Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.”

- Will Rogers

Today I decided to go and make some positive gains in the job search by visiting a counselor at WorkSource which is like the unemployment office around here. I was directed to Robert who specializes in military and was himself an Army Major so I thought he could be of some assistance.

Careful what you ask for.

Robert is like that super-network guy who knows everyone and smoozes like a champ which I guess is good considering the line of work he is in.

The first portion was him getting to know me and my situation. I spilled it all and he came back at me with some tough questions. Was I part of this or that organization? Do I volunteer? Have I done any personality tests to see what line of work is best for me? Have I called any old commanders and asked for references?

My short answer was no. Can’t get much shorter than that.

I had done a lot of work on my resume and done a lot of homework for the world of job search but after talking to this guy, not nearly enough.

The first thing he wanted me to do was to go through this course that walked me through the process but even he admitted that he was using me as a guinea pig to see if it actually worked. I don’t give it much hope since it starts off way behind where I’m at but it couldn’t hurt, I guess.

After that he is going to help me to use the database of jobs open for mostly government work. He praised this monstrous database that, if used correctly, should be of enormous help.

So I will be busy with this “homework” I got from him and see where it takes me.

The other accomplishment I did today was to finish my DITY (Do IT Yourself) paperwork. I think I have written about this before but the short of it is that I needed to submit the final paperwork for the last military move I did from San Diego to here in Seattle.

I really have no excuse for waiting all this time to get it in and all it took was some photocopying and a letter that ended up saying this:

From: Grose, Jason D. MAJ/USMC (Ret.)
Date: 4/22/2010

I am enclosing a claim for a DITY move I completed last summer after I retired from the Marine Corps.

I was authorized the move and was given the paperwork but in the move, the papers were buried and forgotten until now and I have had to reconstruct the move from memory. I have filled out the paperwork the best I could and am sending it in now in the hopes that it is not too late to recoup the authorized expenditures.

I was authorized two vehicles but am only claiming one (my Honda Pilot) and have provided the before and after weight tickets for that vehicle.

I did not receive any advance pay for the DITY move.

We left San Diego on July 29, 2009 and that is the start date I used for the travel claim. We made some stops along the way and therefore did not arrive to Renton until August 3, 2009. I am only including the gas receipts for the distances we travelled directly from San Diego to Renton. I am not including the stops we made on the travel claim, only noting the departure and arrival dates from San Diego to Renton.

I noted that part of the required paperwork is my registration and I want to note that I have transferred my registration to Washington State now that I had to get new tabs and license plate. I am sending the current registration.

Also, at the time of the move, my address was as follows (and is on all the paperwork):

(old address)

My current address is:

(new address)

Lastly, I am enclosing my wife’s Power of Attorney. She initiated a lot of the paperwork when I was overseas and therefore signed some of the documents.

Please let me know if I need to provide any other information or forms. My contact information is below.

Thank you for your patience.

Jason D. Grose
Cell: (cell #)

I know I made it more complicated by waiting and likely hosed up the paperwork with changes in address, changes in vehicle paperwork, and a 9 month gap in submitting but I finally got it done and off my plate. We’ll see how much I get, if anything. Maybe enough for a steak dinner or something.

Lastly, Buster isn’t doing too well. He has been listless and been hanging out in the backyard, sometimes behind the trees. This worries me for a couple of reasons.

First, that is the behavior of animals when they know they are about to die.

Second, Buster is a princess and as such, only goes outside to piss, dump, or hang out if we are out there. If none of these conditions exist, he does NOT hang out alone in the depths of the backyard.

Bad juju, to be sure.

Free Advice for Today: “Wage war against procrastination.”

- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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