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Wiseassery Once Again: The Beginning…Again

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Quote of the Day: “To be poor and dependent is very nearly an impossibility.”

- William Cobbett


Hi there.

Well, I guess it’s time for my every-six-months update. Because it’s a new year and that means a new start, right?

This is a well-travelled road and if you are reading this, you know the formula. I will bitch and moan about not keeping up with my blog and then I will publish this and then disappear for who knows how long. I might even promise not to but if my past behavior is any indication, I really do not have one, or even two legs to stand on. I hope not and that’s all I can logically promise.

I guess the question needs to be addressed: should I even blog any more, as scant as my entries have been notwithstanding? I mean, is blogging dead?

One of the reasons I have discovered for the slow demise of blogging as a concept (there, I said it, as painful as that is to admit), has a lot to do with social media these days. Short, concise entries in Facebook and the even more restrictive Twitter have not only replaced the mental energy to blog (hard to do both consistently), but it has stunted the general audiences attention span.

It’s no secret that I write verbosely. It’s one of the reasons I turned to blogging but that style has gone OUT of style, replaced by 180 characters worth of pithy mind flashes, void of much deep meaning.

There is a place for that so don’t get me wrong. One of the things that both blogging and social media mind-dumping have in common and that I find it immensely interesting is that both enable the writer to go back and relive memories that, in normal circumstances, probably wouldn’t be revisited for the rest of the writer’s life. And when enough time goes by, one forgets and it is like reading and experiencing new adventures experienced by someone else.

And if you are entertained by this, is it not worth spending some time every day capturing? I look at it as an investment in my future entertainment.

Although Facebook and Twitter can technically fill this purpose, I don’t think many people use it as such. How many of you go back and read any of your social media posts? I don’t and one of the reasons is that new material comes at me so fast from others, I never get the chance to ponder some of my old stuff.

But I do this, some times more than others, with my blog. I normally will look up the very calendar day, in years past, that corresponds to the current date and I “see” what I was doing on this day in the past years. It’s kind of a fun exercise to look at my life through the years using the date as a starting point.

With all of that said, I will once again attempt to reboot my blog and see how far I can take this. I have explained a few times how I set this process up but it is necessary to understand if the rest of my situation is to make sense.

I have Word files. Lots of them. I have “Blog 2009,” “Blog 2010,” “Blog 2011,” “Blog 2012,” and now, yes, the newly created “Blog 2013.”

Now, all these files are a series of the rough drafts of my entries have date labels with partially written blogs for most days. Some are blank, some have a few words that are supposed to remind myself of what happened that day, some of them have short synopses, and some have full blown entries.

But what all of them have in common is this: none of them are published on my blog.

I know, it’s a damn shame. A hidden treasure (if I say so myself, and I DO!)

This causes an interesting situation: do I pick up where I left off (2009ish!) or start now (like I did today) and let the gap just fester out there.

This simple question is probably what has caused the drought. I feel like I am abandoning so much of my life and so much of the writing that has been even partially done.

But it is exactly this that has thrown sand in the gearworks of the blog. It stopped it cold and continues to prevent my progress.

So here is yet another plan (I should start numbering these…), um, 7.05… I will just write and publish every day. Something is better than nothing so that is obviously an important part of the plan.

Second, I will ATTEMPT the famous “Jason Grose Butterfly” method. That means in addition to my daily offering, I will go back and publish ANY other entry (preferably along the timeline I left off in previous years).

Logically, I will catch up eventually. I mean, if I do more than ONE per day, mathematics dictate that I should eventually catch up. It might take years but it’s progress and at this point, that is just about the only thing I can expect out of myself.

So, I still have a lot to say but the length of this post is getting into the ridiculous range. Tomorrow, I will take care of some of the catching-up gap filler in order to bring everyone up to speed, at least to the point where my ramblings actually have some form of context associated with them.

For now, whew, there it is, my first blog entry in 6 months and the first of 2013.

Free Advice for Today: “Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.”

- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


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