R.I.P. Little Buddy

We got Buster from the Monterey Animal Shelter in July of 2001. Actually, I got him. Carrie and the kids were still vacationing in Seattle and I was staying in a hotel in Marina until our military housing came available.

I decided I wanted a dog and after a few visits to "window shop" at the pound, I found Buster. Carrie was none too happy about it but she has since warmed up to him.

For an in depth, blow by blow account of how we came upon the little knucklehead, go here.

We finally discovered what kind of dog Buster is!!! He is half pit bull and half Rhodesian Ridgeback. The vet said he's only seen one other one in 13 years of practicing medicine and that's because they're somewhat rare and purebreds are valuable. We knew he was special but not THAT special. He's still a knucklehead, though!!!

So here are a few pics of the lovable little guy.
Very cute pic of Buster sitting in a chair
Buster and I in "Daddy's chair"
Steph, Buster, me, and Alex
Buster and Stephanie
Maybe the cutest picture ever of the "Pain in the Buttster."
I claim that he is actually smiling in this pic
Here's another great pic of Butter Boy sitting impatiently

2002 pics (click pic to enlarge)
I don't know what's worse. The indignity my daughter inflicts upon poor Buster or that he let's her.
Buster can even look tired when relaxing. Since when has laying down become a taxing activity?
He finally gives in. The battle is over and the sunshine has emerged victorious.
Let me apologize for this pic from the get-go. This is the depth of Buster's laziness and belief that the couch is his personal property. Oh, and sorry about the penis shot but since he doesn't seem to mind showing it, you shouldn't mind looking.
Here is Buster having his way once again with his girlfriend, Sadie, late in 2002. When she moved away, he was "lonely" and we feared for the stuffed animals in the house.
Here are the Grose's getting ready for church. You cannot imagine how much work it took to get the dumb dog to sit there for this pic.
I only include this to demonstrate the utter stupidity I deal with on a daily basis with Buster the Retard. Check out the "come hither" look and what he believes to be a sexy pose.
Buster doing what he does best.
Close up of Buster's dopiness.
This is just so wrong on so many levels.
This was NOT staged.
This is what I have to live with.
Notice Carrie is oblivious to the difference of me being in bed and Buster.

2004 pics (click pic to enlarge)

I caught Buster taking a smoke break while dismounting the couch. Typical Buster move.
You just can't make this stuff up.
He finally made it while I was trying to take a picture of him. I include it here to show you the beautiful golden coat. I guess idiocy breeds gorgeous pelt.
Butter looking this way...
... and that
Finally, the shot I was looking for: full on retard.

Some of the goofy names we have come up for him:

Buttster Galore (Alex)
Butras Butras Golly (of the Butras Gollies) (Jason)
Butter Boy
Butter Head
Butter Balls
Balls Made of Butter (yeah, my invention)
Pain in the Butster (Carrie's favorite)
Lazeeee (Carrie)
Lazarius (when caught on the bed) (Jason)
Reez (Alex's contribution)
Joey (another addition from Alex)
Bodes Scodes (Carrie's insanity)
    which mutated in to just plain...
Yoges-yoges-yoges (Carrie)
Ees-O-K (It's OK) (Carrie)
Ees-All-Right (Carrie)
Poor Baby (Carrie)
Right Now (white now) (Carrie)
Mr. Jenkins (Alex)
Mr. Jenkins-Walka (Alex)
I Yike You (Carrie)
Whoa (Steph)
Faticus Lobodicus (Carrie)
Yoke-wee (Carrie)
Every Day (Carrie)
Weverwe dee (Carrie)
Wevery (Carrie)
Toe-te-toetoe (Carrie)
Tee-te-teetee (Carrie)
Vig FeeDee (Carrie)
Guuuuuuuu (Steph)
Pee Piddly Punkmans (Carrie)
Tee Tiddly Tunkmans (Carrie)
Looscious (Alex)
Idiot (Jason)
Moron (Jason)
Retard (Jason)
Pwetty Nice/Very Nice

In the final proof of my insanity, I've created an email account for Buster. He can be reached at buster@grose.us. (He never gets email, though, because he never writes any. I know, but I keep telling him!!!)

Buster's goofy Photoshop pics

Buster's Buddies

Even dogs have friends so here are a couple of pictures of Buster's buddies:

This is Sam, my brother's dog. Notice the extremely stupid look on his face. No, wait, that's like all dogs. Never mind.

Another shot of my brother and Sam in the snow. (My bro is the one with sunglasses (I think)).