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After a week of Christmas fun in Seattle, the Grose family immediately trekked to Hawaii for a little New Year's transition in the Aloha state. We just thought that the Christmas break should be void of all rest and relaxation so off a travelin' we went...

1st Roll of Film

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I'm waiting for the next wave as the kids recover from the last.
Steph practicing for her swimsuit issue due out in about 12 years.
Here I am getting b*&*-slapped by the Pacific Ocean at Bellows AFB. My back was red as a lobster after this wave and it pretty much peeved me. But who was to blame?
Alex posing in the surf. Notice the color of the water. It was an incredible day and the kids played in the surf for over 5 straight hours.
I'm trying to catch this wave but to no avail. Carrie stood at the shore for 1/2 hour and only managed to miss only the big waves I caught. I'd get doused and come up asking if she got the shot when she'd tell me: "nope."
Stephanie riding my back while we catch a wave. Alex, the boy warrior is seen fleeing the incoming wave.
The Grose family waiting to go to the Arizona memorial. Over my right shoulder is the USS Missouri where Japan surrendered to the US at the end of WWII. Over Carrie's left shoulder is Ford Island where battleship row was and the famous shots of the burning USS Arizona during the Pearl Harbor attack were taken. BLOG entry.
Carrie and Jason. Not a flattering picture of either of us as we stood there waiting for one of the kids to take the picture. BLOG entry.
Alex and the Swiantek boys: Kyle and Travis.
A great shot of the Arizona memorial with Mighty Mo in the background. In this one shot, you see where WWII started and ended for the United States. BLOG entry.
Standing on the memorial, you can see the main smoke stack of the Arizona. 1177 men went down with the ship on December 7th, 1941. BLOG entry.
On the back wall of the memorial are the names of everyone who died in the attack. BLOG entry.
The kids and I at the memorial. BLOG entry.
... and the whole Grose Clan. BLOG entry.
Alex and I got an opportunity to be the only two in the memorial room. BLOG entry.
Mighty Mo. I had taken Alex to see the ship way back in the mid 90s when it was docked in Seattle. He doesn't remember it at all which is a shame. BLOG entry.
We attended a performance at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Here, Alex stands next to a statue that I noticed looked just like him when he acts goofy and puts his hands in front of him like a dog begging. I just had to get a shot of it. He was immensely embarrassed. BLOG entry.
And since Alex got a picture with statues, the obligatory shot of Stephanie. God forbid one of them experience a sense of one-upsmanship!!!!
We went snorkeling at Hunami Bay. I knew that the picture wouldn't even come close to capturing the beauty. This view was very amazing. BLOG entry.
Another futile attempt to capture the moment. BLOG entry.
On our "extra day" in Hawaii, we visited the Dole plantation and went through the largest maze in the world, according to the Guinness Book. Here, we are about halfway through and the thrill of the hunt is starting to subside, Guinness record or no. BLOG entry.
Finally done, the kids display their completed maze cards. That's a forced smile on my face.
This is a picture I had to get because as I wrote in my BLOG, "...The word 'Aloha' is actually the Hawaiian phrase meaning 'Bring your money to our island so we can fleece you, you white mainlander trash.' Similar but different is the word 'Mahalo' which they would have you believe means “Thank you” but is actually the phrase 'Leave our paradise island you white mainlander scum.'” BLOG entry.
Stephanie in quite possibly the worst attempt at visual trickery on the island.
And the obligatory counterpart with Alex, as mentioned above.
On our last day, we went to the North Shore to see the big waves. There was a wind advisory and no one was allowed in the water because of the size and force of the waves. BLOG entry.
Here, the waves pound the shore and shoot up 50 feet.

1st Roll of Film

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