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Now that I have been away from the UW NROTC for a few years, I have run into more than a couple old friends who find my web page and ask "When are you going to post a page about the old Unit?"  Well, I think it is about time that I do just that. So here it is, folks.

If you are one of the fine men and women I ran into while attending UWROTC, drop me a line and let me know what you've been up to.

I attended the University of Washington (a life-long dream) from Fall of 1994 to Spring of 1997 as a MECEP student, Marine Sergeant, and Technical Communications major. Here is some "stuff" I accomplished while there.

An article for the school paper, The Daily, about Veteran's Day
A paper I wrote about the World Wide Web when it was relatively new
A paper I wrote about the future of amphibious warfare
The detailed after-action report for the Joint Service Review
    I include this for three reasons:
        1. To show how much of a massive undertaking this was
        2. To share this report with anyone at UW who is smart enought to use it
        3. I was told it was the best AAR ever written about JSR

Book Reviews
    First to Fight
    The Right Stuff
    A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes

    This is some advice I put out to the other Marine Options when the new Commandant at the time, General Krulak, put out his "Five Pillars" of being a Marine.

My favorite professor: Professor Jon Bridgman

I was chosen to carry the Marine Corps Colors for the opening ceremony of an NFL game. It was the Seattle Seahawks vs. The Greenbay Packers and there were more cheeseheads than Hawk fans. In this picture, I am the only one totally obscurred. BTW, the Packers beat the snot out of the Seahawks.

Changing my major was a necessity and here's my request to the Marine Corps.

Commander Couture's write-up

My First Resignation

Capt Stromberg administered my oath

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