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One look and if you've EVER seen it, you will know.

This famous poster has become an American icon and I was luckily enough to meet and become friends with the famous "Rose Garden DI," former Sergeant Chuck Taliano.

Exactly how I was lucky enough to meet Chuck and get (and participate in) an updated version of the famous poster is described in detail in one of my favorite my blog entries.


Other pics of The Rose Garden DI:

Here I am with Sergeant Chuck Taliano.
I made the poor man pose with me for a reenactment. For the entire story of this once-in-a-lifetime meeting, read my BLOG entry.
Former drill instructor Sgt. Charles A. Taliano, who appeared in the ‘We don’t promise you a rose garden’ recruiting poster, holds up a post card of the image at the Alexander Ship’s Store in the Parris Island Museum Feb. 14. Taliano’s ‘rose garden’ campaign ran from 1971 until mid-1984. Photo by: Cpl. Jennifer Brofer
Charles Taliano signs one of his recruiting posters during a poster signing at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., in 2003. Photo by: Special to The Boot
This and the pictures below are postcards they now sell depicting never-before-seen glimpses into that famous photo shoot.
(On the back) "The Marines Are Looking For A Few Good Men" is a recruiting slogan that dates back to the very origin of the Corps. Revived in the 1970's, this campaign succeeded in luring countless volunteers in both the enlisted and officer ranks. This image of the Rose Garden Drill Instructor does not appear on a recruiting poster, but was one of the four in a Marine Corps public service television commercial
(On the back) Images of the "Rose Garden Drill Instructor" that dispels the myth that Marine Corps DI's are always scowling and unhappy. The unrehearsed and action photo of the Rose Garden Drill Instructor has become as popular today as when it was on active duty "Looking For A Few Good Men" over thirty years ago. "The Marine Corps still Doesn't Promise a Rose Garden."

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I make sure to call him on the best day of the year each year.

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